Controlling Ankle Motion During Walking & Negotiating Stairs

Orthopedic Walking Boot vs TayCo Brace

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TayCo Brace v Walking Boot

In this study, you'll find:


TayCo XAB controlled ankle motion similar to the Walking Boot in all 3 planes


TayCo XAB is 96% as stable as a walking boot in a kinetic state


TayCo XAB does not affect the knee and hip in the same way as a walking boot

Clark Dickin - BSU Biomechanics-1
“At the ankle joint, both the orthopedic walking boot and TayCo External Ankle Brace controlled motion in all three planes and significantly reduced ankle motion relative to the Shod condition.”

CLARK DICKIN, Director of Biomechanics Laboratory and Associate Professor of Exercise Science

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