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Ideal for the patient who needs to get back to work wearing their own footwear

The TayCo Medical XAB Brace is the only rigid, over-the-shoe ankle brace that allows patients to return to ADLs up to 4x faster than a walking boot
  • Used on over 30,000 patients to provide inversion and eversion protection during the healing and reconditioning process

  • Prescribed by over 750 of the top-performing podiatrists and orthopedic surgeons in the U.S.

  • Recommended for stabilizing the ankle and hindfoot, especially for conditions such as ankle sprains, post-operative ankle support, ankle instability, and tendonitis

Think of a patient? We'd love to help you get them in a FREE SAMPLE BRACE. 


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TayCo Acute XAB Brace

  • Provides a consistent limb-length, which allows for normal walking patterns and reduction of secondary pain in the knees, hips, and back

  • Prefabricated, custom-fit device with lightweight (14 oz), medical-grade material that is easily bent, molded or trimmed to fit each patient’s unique ankle anatomy

  • Adjustable hinge function allows the brace to be completely immobilized at 90º, allow 5-10º of plantar/dorsiflexion, or set to full range of motion. This allows patients to use the same brace throughout the progression of care.

  • Foam padding provides maximum comfort and minimizes brace migration

  • Strong physician reimbursements, backed by a risk-free guarantee


Controlling Ankle Motion During Walking & Negotiating Stairs

A 2022 Ball State University Biomechanics research study found the TayCo Acute XAB is 96% as stable as a walking boot in a kinetic state, and does not affect the knee and hip in the same way as the walking boot.

TayCo BSU Preview

"The first patient I put into a TayCo, the difference between the boot and the brace for that patient was immediate. Honestly, they came up and hugged me. This is truly something different. My patients have only ever thanked me for offering this to them - I've never been thanked for a cam boot."

Dr. Karl Schweitzer
Dr. Karl Schweitzer

Duke Orthopaedics of Raleigh, North Carolona